Welcome to the future of gaming

The NFT game engine

Powerful cloud infrastructure for bringing your games to Cardano

Asset Generation

Use our no-code generator to create thousands of unique assets.

NFT Minting

Mint NFTs with the Revelar's proprietary minting engine.

Asset Management

Manage your in-game NFTs through our backend software.

Payment Integrations

Receive payments for your NFTs through our payment integrations.

Market Analytics

Monitor performance through real-time blockchain analytics.

Play-to-earn Models

Custom solutions for your in-game tokenomics and NFT gameplay.

The future of gaming is minted on Revelar.

Revelar is the NFT Game Engine, built on Cardano. We are here to sustain the future of the open economy gaming industry. With the Revelar Engine, game developers (both large and small) will be able to easily create and manage NFT assets and digital economies within their games.

The revelar story

"As we developed our own blockchain based game, we quickly realized there were no reliable tools to build the unique utility we wanted within our NFT based game, and that's when Revelar was born."
— Jason Toevs, Founder & CEO


Meet our friends and collaborators

We are privileged to have had the opportunity with players across a variety of blockchain ecosystems.

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Built by NFT game developers for NFT game developers

At Revelar, our priority is equipping the next generation of game developers with the resources needed to successfully build their games on chain. This mission was born from our own struggles as NFT game developers and our desire to see the decentralized movement grow through play-to-earn gaming.