Building the future of gaming

Meet the founding team building the Revelar game engine.

Jason Toevs - Founder and CEO
Jason toevs
Founder / CEO

Jason’s formal education is in Mathematics with a focus on Set Theory. With 10+ years as a full stack developer and technical founder, he has experience building business systems and scaling software products and teams. His most recent experience has been focused on systems architecture design and leading an engineering team for global enterprise SaaS product used in Fortune 50 companies and in 127 countries with 99.95% uptime. Plutus Pioneer Cohort #2, Atala PRISM Cohort #2.

Benjamin Beer - Co-founder and CTO
Benjamin Beer
Blockchain Engineer

Ben’s formal education is in Computer and Electronic Engineering with a focus on both hardware and software based programming and system design. His Masters degree specialty focus is on the creation of decision support systems. As part of his post-graduate thesis he focused on the incorporation of blockchains, specifically smart contracts, into the supply chain. This research involved significant work on Ethereum with Solidity, before being introduced to Cardano. Plutus Pioneer Cohort #3, Atala Prism Cohort #2.

Jacob Christian - Co-founder and CCO
Jacob Christian
Co-Founder / COO

With a double major in Entrepreneurship and Integrated Marketing Communications, Jacob is an experienced strategist and content creator. Before founding Revelar, he worked alongside startups across the United States to help them build their brands and grow their communities. His skills in content creation are best shown on YouTube, outperforming the channel average growth rate by +80%. His passion is cultivating culture through creativity and brand experience; which he highlights daily as the operations leader for Revelar and the creative director for our flagship game, Duo.